Exhibition Review: ‘Letters to the Mayor’

A show at New York’s Storefront for Art and Architecture asks the architecture world to petition its political leaders.

Gwathmey Siegel Buyer Looks to Purchase a Paul Rudolph Building

Gene Kaufman, an architect best known for designing colorful towers for national hotel chains on the West Side of Manhattan, has offered to buy Paul Rudolph's Orange County Government Center in Goshen, New York.

‘RECORD ‘Honors STUDIOS Architecture, Novartis

Our third annual Good Design Is Good Business Lifetime Achievement Award was presented at the American Architectural Foundation's Accent on Architecture Gala in Washington, D.C.

Seattle’s Bullitt Center Shines

Designed to be the greenest commercial building in the world, the six-story structure is outperforming its energy goals with an integrated design and motivated tenants.

Newsmaker: Theaster Gates

Theaster Gates is a performance artist, potter, object maker, educator, urban planner, and innovator, and he has become a catalyst for renewal on Chicago’s South Side by putting his background to use in a unique way.

Obituary: Frederic Schwartz, 1951-2014

Schwartz, who died on April 28 after struggling with cancer, wasn’t so much an architect as a public citizen; architecture was just one tool he used to improve lives. Others included empathy and patience.

LEDs: Fighting Flicker

LEDs-FightingFlicker_HERO.jpg The onset of LEDs in lighting has brought manufacturers and designers back to the drawing board to discuss an age-old problem. This is the first in a multipart series on critical issues surrounding solid-state lighting.

A Green Factory to Crop Up in Chicago

While most 19th century manufacturing hubs were known for their poor working conditions, the Pullman District on Chicago’s South Side was the country’s first model industrial town designed to provide a safer and healthier environment for the Pullman sleeping company’s workers. Over a century later, Method, the green cleaning products brand, is now carrying on the District’s progressive legacy with the construction of its new 150,000-square-foot sustainable factory. The company asked William McDonough + Partners to design its sprawling building, spanning roughly five acres on a brownfield site where the original Pullman lumberyard once stood. Prior to construction of its new facility, Method has committed to cleaning up the 22-acre property, and then transforming it into lush parkland for its employees and the surrounding community.

Live Stream: NY Times Cities for Tomorrow

If you can't make it to New York for the New York Times Cities for Tomorrow conference—featuring Michael Kimmelman, Shigeru Ban, Yale's Michelle Addington, Shaun Donovan of HUD, and more—watch a live stream from the event.

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