This Modern Mailbox Was Made for Midcentury Lovers

Colorful midcentury inspired mailbox with clean lines

The After Kelly’s successful Kickstarter campaign, the first modboxes were produced for the public in 2014. The modbox design is characterized by its use of color, line, and geometry, and features an easy-open door and cheerful red flag. Although originally designed to complement a midcentury modern home, the colorful mailbox will also look striking at a contemporary, modern, or any other home. 


Centuries-Old Buddhist Temples Seen Through a Modern Lens

Fundain Monastery, Japan

Honoring the meticulousness of the temples’ mostly unknown architects, Hassink photographed 34 locations over the course of a decade. Her fascination with Japanese religious vernacular yielded a compelling photo series that reveals the hidden dynamism in these carefully composed structures. 


Houzz Tour: Contemporary Glamour in a Historic London Flat (17 photos)

Designer Dyfed Price knew this protected historic home in London’s Kensington district would need plenty of work, but he also saw lots of potential. He helped art-loving owners searching for a renovation project choose the apartment. “The apartment is in a beautiful mansion block [apartment building]...


david chipperfield discusses his wooden furniture collection for e15

at the 2015 edition of milan’s salone del mobile, designboom spoke with architect david chipperfield who elaborated on his design principles and his collaboration with the german brand.

The post david chipperfield discusses his wooden furniture collection for e15 appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.


۵ Homes with Unbeatable Views

View of Marfa weeHouse with Sloping Hilltop

Located deep within a ۳۰,۰۰۰-acre ranch in West Texas, this petite 600-square-foot prefab takes in uninterrupted views of the sparse landscape through floor-to-ceiling windows.

Image courtesy of Alchemy Architects.

This Designer Has Carved a Spoon Every Day For a Year

Stian Korntved Ruud wooden spoon

“I’m getting close to the end, which is sad, but also exciting. I’ve been posting all my spoons on Instagram so people can follow along with my progress.”

Image courtesy of Stian Korntved Ruud.

The Norwegian designer, who has interned with Tom Dixon and shown work around the world, settled on the project to explore the organic qualities of wood and improve his skill. He told us why he picked spoons as a subject, what it’s like to come up with 365 different designs for such a simple utensil, and how much he’s learned along the way.

How did you settle on spoons as a subject?

It was important to me to choose an object that everyone could relate to. The spoon has a pure simple function and has a practical size. It’s also easy to come by wood blanks in this size, so I knew I’d be able to experiment with lots of different kinds of wood.

What’s your daily process like?

I often make a spoon before I leave the workshop/studio at Carl Berner in Oslo, once I’ve finished my work. A spoon often starts with a sketch from the subway trip home the evening before. I definitely don’t always succeed on the first try, so a sketch often results in several spoons. I also find twisted pieces of wood where the design is implicit. They seem to make themselves; I just follow the grains and patterns.

One of the original intentions of the project was to enhance my woodcarving skills. I still mainly use handheld tools in order to actively cooperate and interact with the material. In modern industrial production, the machines overwrite the natural growth patterns of wood. When using manual hand tools, I collaborate with the wood during the forming process. That underpins the uniqueness of each spoon.

How long does it take to make each spoon?

It takes anywhere from half an hour to three. It really depends on how complex the shape is, if it needs to be sanded, and if everything goes according to plan. Honestly, I thought that it would take less time the further in the project I got, but the result is almost the opposite.

Do you ever worry that you'll run out of spoon ideas before you hit 365?

Not really. No spoon is perfect, so there is always room for improvement. Some of the most enjoyable moments have come when I had a specific shape idea and then the spoon manifests itself as something totally different but even better.

You're now nearing the end. Do you have a favorite spoon?

No favorite, but I do like some more than others. 


Sam Pearce has “reinvented the wheel” by replacing spokes with springs

British inventor Sam Pearce has created a shock-absorbing wheel for bicycles and wheelchairs that is designed to help users negotiate uneven streets and rough terrain (+ movie). (more…)


۱۰-Minute Updates to Freshen Up Your Home (11 photos)

You spend time poring over the gorgeous interiors on Houzz, but then life gets in the way of your making your own place look perfect. Sound familiar? Lack of money, energy and time can mean you never quite get around to your spruce-up paint job, that new flooring gets put on hold and you’re still lounging...


Dezeen named Best Content Studio at Digiday awards


Dezeen has won Best Content Studio at the Digiday Publishing Awards in New York, beating The New York Times to the honour. (more…)


Shop Houzz: Just Add Flowers (58 photos)

Whether you highlight one spectacular stem or go for glorious abundance, flowers add color, creativity and elegance to any decor. Consider your time, space and sunlight availability before choosing between fresh flowers or a realistic-looking silk arrangement. Of course, allergies and plant-eating...


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