AS arquitectura renovates hacienda niop into a multi-use estate

starting from the ruins of a traditional southeast mexican home, AS arquitectura transforms the premises into a mutli-use structure blending old and new architecture.

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P-06 atelier renovates santo antónio museum in lisbon

the challenge of the museum was to create a modern exhibition interior, without straying too far from original geometry and volumes.

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Milton & King’s Bright & Graphic Wallpapers

Do you find that there are times when a designer, brand or story comes along that just captures your imagination from the off? This exact thing happened to me recently when two brothers, Richard and Bryce Capp, reached out and introduced me to their digital wallpaper company, Milton and King. Named after their parent’s middle names, the company was founded when the duo had just $250 between them and has grown considerably from it’s early days of producing canvas prints.milton-and-king-wallpapers-2
Now the company focuses on creating digital wallpapers – and thank goodness they do because the designs are right up Mr.Bazaar’s colourful street! Their latest collection, Ingrid & Mika was inspired by the functionality, simplicity and minimalist approach of Scandinavian and Nordic design. Clean geometric shapes and simple line work are seen loud and clear in these designs, and it’s these characteristics that make the papers ideal for a modern and contemporary home.milton-and-king-wallpapers-3
The main reason I am drawn to this collection is it’s versatility – there’s options for both statement brights and striking, graphic monochrome designs. I’ve written about my love for black in interiors on Bright.Bazaar before – the triangular black and white design of the Terminal wallpaper is a fine example of how a monochromatic base can be used to layer in an accent bright, such as the yellow pendant seen above.milton-and-king-wallpapers-4
My personal favourite design from the new Ingrid & Mika collection is the Phonetics wallpaper. I love the combination of the popular 20th century type face, Helvetica and the multi coloured palette – it’s at once both stylish and playful. Both Richard and Bryce set out to create a collection that whole heartedly advocates positive change in one’s home, and wellbeing in general. Given my belief that colour does just that, we couldn’t be more on the same page even if we shared a paint pot! Which wallpaper design is catching your eye, folks? Where would you use it in your home?milton-and-king-wallpapers-5

// Photography by Milton & King (used with permission) | Posted in partnership with M&K; all views my own


AS arquitectura fits three different offices into a concrete cube

a folding concrete volume houses three disparate uses with spaces that contain a gradient of privacy, allowing total isolation or social gathering.

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Montreal home updated with corrugated metal cladding and a vibrant staircase

La Shed Architecture has renovated an old residence in a Montreal neighbourhood, adding a roof terrace flanked by corrugated metal and a bright red-orange staircase (+ slideshow). (more…)


۱۱ Ways to Save Water at Home (11 photos)

Americans have been blessed with a steady supply of clean water, for outdoor as well as indoor use. It’s a privilege we often take for granted. But with much of the Western United States in severe, years-long drought, attention is turning to water use —...


How Induction Cooking Works

How Induction Cooktops Work

۱) A coiled metal induction element is located beneath the cooktop’s surface, which is typically glass. Electricity flows into the coils, creating a powerful magnetic field.

۲) Ferromagnetic cookware placed within that field acts as the second conductor, and a current is induced onto it.

۳) Eddy currents are created within the cookware itself; the cookware has its own magnetic field, which resists the currents generated by the induction element.

۴) Energy created by the opposing magnetic fields is released in the form of heat within the vessel; the vessel, in turn, heats its contents.


Warm Up to Induction Cooking with These Clean Cooktops

Modern kitchen induction cooktop appliances for the kitchen like the 36-inch benchmark by Bosch

۳۶-inch Benchmark Induction cooktop by Bosch, $2,799 -- For greater control and precision, Bosch has integrated 17 cooking levels and an AutoChef feature to help prevent burning. An extra-long induction zone accommodates long pans and griddles.


Today’s chef can choose from an array of appliances promising to help make better food at home: steam ovens; dual-fuel ranges; gas and electric cooktops—and that’s not counting specialty devices, like rotisseries and sous vide machines. But one method is gaining traction: Induction cooking, long-popular internationally, is catching on stateside. 

To boil it down to basics, induction cooktops generate heat through electromagnetic forces. “It’s a strong option for those who want the power and control of gas but may not have the ability to have a gas unit,” says Michele Bedard of Sub-Zero and Wolf, whose sales of induction cooktops surpassed electric in 2014.

While searing a steak over a gas flame might appeal to a primitive part of the brain, energy is wasted in the process, in the form of excess heat. “Induction is much faster in boil times as compared to gas or electric and over 90 percent more energy efficient,” says Tim Tyler of Viking Range. 

But is it all marketing hype, or are there genuine benefits? “I like induction systems for many reasons,” says Daniel Boulud, the renowned chef and restaurateur. “They are precise, they are safe, and they are great for families since you can’t really burn yourself on them. But since nothing ‘burns off’ the surface, they tend to get dirty and greasy from spilled food—not a big deal, but you need to wipe them down regularly.”

Curious how induction cooking works? We break it down here.


Houzz Tour: Cascades Retreat Blends In and Stands Out (19 photos)

Several years ago this couple purchased a 20-acre piece of land deep in the remote reaches of the Cascade Range, about two hours north of their Seattle home. The idea was to build a simple, small retreat where the two of them — she’s a healthcare administrator, he’s a furniture maker and...


hunton XRS52 luxury powerboat offers a max speed of 65 knots

defining the brand's future and the next generation of luxury powerboats, the hunton 'XRS52' combines the very best of british design and engineering.

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