My Houzz: Playfulness and Practicality in a Maryland Family Home (20 photos)

“Our style in our previous home and when we moved into this house was relatively safe,” says Rebecca Carrera, owner of Beauty Bar in downtown Frederick, Maryland. “There’s nothing wrong with safe,” she adds. “Safe can be beautiful, but we definitely moved in a more...


Video: Robert Angell on the design process behind three of his interiors

Odds are you've seen the work of Robert Angell, even if you haven't realised it at the time.

The lavish teal-blue furnishings and ornate brass fittings of Kaspar's at the Savoy, the glamorous horsehair paneling, vaulted ceilings and marble mosaic floors of Piccolino Cicchetti or the clock at Tredwell's, made from dozens of bone-handled knives.

Angell says regardless of the project, the objective is always to exceed expectations.

We visited the designer at his London studio to explore the inspiration and design process behind three of his most prominent projects.


Richard Brine photographs the concrete “pillboxes” left over from the war

Photo essay: 70 years after the second world war ended, there are still over 6,000 defensive structures along Britain's coastline. Photographer Richard Brine has been documenting them (+ slideshow). (more…)


Invite Mining Bees to Your Garden by Planting Their Favorite Plants (9 photos)

Mining bees (Andrena) are a diverse genus of bees common in urban and suburban gardens. The majority of mining bee species are active in spring. Like most solitary, wild bees, mining bees nest in the ground and seek out a spot with little vegetation...


۱۰ Reasons to Use Sky Blue (10 photos)

It hints at the seaside, picnics under a clear sky and springtime gardens — what’s not to love about sky blue? From a home’s exterior to ceilings, bedrooms, kitchens and more, sky blue can bring a light touch to any room in the house. Here are 10...


everyday studio presents play it collection as part of asian STAR showcase

at the 2015 edition of IFFS international furniture fair singapore, an exhibition titled the asian STAR showcase features rising designers who have already made a difference to the industry in asia.

The post everyday studio presents play it collection as part of asian STAR showcase appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.


Houzz Tour: Family-Friendly Apartment in a Converted School (10 photos)

This fantastically fun apartment in a converted Victorian school in north London originally consisted of two huge living rooms, a tiny kitchen and two mezzanine bedrooms, exposed to the noise and light from downstairs. With a baby on the way, the creative couple who own this place wanted to make it more...


۸ Tips for Designing on a Budget

Affordable Kansas City home with cb2 sectional sofa and maple floors in the living room

Looking to build a new Kansas City home on a tight, musician’s budget, Sarah Magill reached out to Kem Studio. To cut costs, she kept a short wish list of requests, and she allowed the design team to install maple floors composed of leftover material from other projects, among other repurposed materials. Magill also resisted any urge to splurge on furniture, and instead found inexpensive statement pieces, such as this grey sectional sofa by Gus Design Group for CB2.


Sagmeister & Walsh creates a logo for Fugue that moves to music

New York design agency Sagmeister & Walsh has created an animated visual identity for cloud software management brand Fugue that responds to touch and sound (+ movie). (more…)


A Serene Nakashima Bathroom Survives

Modern Japanese-style bathroom by George Nakashima

The sunken bathtub in George Nakashima’s Sanso Villa mimics the shape of a swimming pool on the grounds. His daughter, Mira Nakashima, took over the studio after his death and now lives and works on the property. “A Japanese garden often has a central pond derived from the character for ‘heart’ or ‘spirit,’ and this may be an abstraction of that character,” she says of the tub’s sculptural form.


Sanso Villa

Completed in 1977, the Sanso Villa, or “reception house,” was the last of 13 buildings George Nakashima designed for his property in New Hope, Pennsylvania. He spared no expense in the space, which was used to host guests and hold dinner parties, incorporating rare woods and lavish materials throughout. Aware of the looming late-1970s energy crisis, he also wanted a structure that did not depend on fossil fuels and purchased a wood-fired boiler from Japan to heat water for his playful interpretation of a traditional soaking tub in the bathroom

Blue and white penny tiles imported from Japan form the abstracted patterns, which Nakashima designed with help from his grandchildren. “He thought it would be fun for the kids to have their artwork preserved in the bath area,” says his daughter, Mira, pointing out their names set into the floor and bathtub. He built the towel rack from holly and used cedar and teak elsewhere in the room. Like much of Nakashima’s work, the space is connected to nature: Sliding glass doors lead to a moon-viewing platform with a panorama of the valley. “Luckily,” Mira says, “we don’t have neighbors nearby.” 


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