Restoration is Definite for Glasgow School of Art

With very few exceptions, full restoration is what architects of all persuasions are agreed on for the Glasgow School of Art, which was severely damaged by a fire on May 23.

Venice Dispatch: U.S. Architecture as American Export—The Story Expertly Told

The U.S. pavilion is a jaw-dropping and eye-opening study of architecture as a 20th-century American export.

Venice Dispatch: ’Monditalia ‘at the Venice Biennale

Monditalia, the second main exhibition in this year's Rem Koolhaas-directed Venice Architecture Biennale, is a "scan" of Italian cultural, political, economic, and spiritual life in 41 projects.

NCARB Supports Faster Path to Licensure

Last week the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) announced that its board of directors supports the creation of an alternative—and optional—path to licensure that would permit candidates to be licensed upon graduation from an accredited program.

Venice Dispatch: ‘Elements of Architecture’ at the Biennale

Rem Koolhaas and a team of researchers make a case for architecture’s essentials at the Venice Biennale.

Residential Development in Los Angeles Aims to Create a Micro-Neighborhood

Inspired by the Dutch "woonerf" concept, the design emphasizes the needs of pedestrians and cyclists. Blackbirds’ units are arranged around a 58-foot-wide, 197-foot-long street that doubles as green space.

International Living Future Institute Widens Its Reach Beyond Buildings

Buoyed by the progress of its performance-based Living Building Challenge green-building certification program, the International Living Future Institute is casting a net beyond the LBC. ILFI, through the umbrella Living Future Challenge announced recently, says it is developing even more ways to rethink "the way humanity designs its systems, products, buildings and communities."

Mike Kelley’s ‘Mobile Homestead’ Rolls Into Los Angeles

This is the mobile home’s first journey outside of Detroit, coinciding with a larger retrospective of the influential artist's work at the Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles.

Andrew Geller’s Double Diamonds Get a New Setting

COOKFOX Architects moved and restored the Pearlroth House, a box-kite-like icon of midcentury modernism.

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