The Companies That Are Keeping American Design Alive

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The Retailers of American-Made Design: Makers Market

Ceramic Pebble Salt and Pepper Shakers by Pigeon Toe Ceramics at Makers Market

What is the average run size of the products you sell?  

Most of our makers are individuals, with the largest having four to six employees. We focus on helping emerging businesses to grow, ultimately providing the support services they need—social marketing, branding, photography, accounting, legal—so they can focus on design and production. Probably a fourth of the products we carry are one-of-a-kind pieces that can’t be found anywhere else. Pepple Salt & Pepper Shakers, $58.

Image courtesy of Makers Market.

world design capital taipei brings new crafts to design days dubai 2015

in celebration of the taipei's emerging creative influence, taiwan designers' web curates 'new crafts - taiwan contemporary craft transformation' in the united arab emirates for design days dubai 2015.

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The Retailers of American-Made Design: WorkOf

Chestnut Captain's Chair from WorkOf

What is the average run size of the products you sell?  

Our focus is on smaller designers and manufacturers. We started WorkOf so independent creators could have a better platform to sell their work. Most of the pieces they produce are smaller runs, but almost everyone we work with has the capacity to do larger runs. Our projects can range from an interior designer or private buyer furnishing a city apartment, to a larger hotel or condo development. Our vendors can scale accordingly. Captain's Chair by Evan Z. Crane, $1,600.

Image courtesy of WorkOf.

۳ Truly Inspiring Homes by Habitat for Humanity

Heartland Habitat Prototype with midcentury modern influences

Architect Josh Shelton's affordable housing prototype in Kansas draws inspiration from the breezy indoor-outdoor homes Eichler built in midcentury California. "I've been fascinated with how you can extend the climate of a place like Kansas City into the domestic space," says Shelton.

Image courtesy of Mike Sinclair.

Arcus Center was designed to embody the idea of social justice, says Jeanne Gang

In this exclusive movie, the founder of Studio Gang Architects explains how her design for the Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership in Michigan was intended to bring human rights issues out of "invisible places" and into public consciousness (+ movie). (more…)


۶ Lessons Learned From a Master Suite Remodel (6 photos)

Some good friends of ours just finished a master suite remodel. On the whole it went well: on time, on budget and generally to their satisfaction. Still, the process and execution were less than flawless, and as I listened to what didn’t go exactly to plan, I realized that other people could...


California Restricts Water, Twitter Reaction Pours

Houseboats float in the drought-lowered waters of California’s Oroville Lake. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli, File)

California Governor Jerry Brown announced yesterday mandatory statewide restrictions to reduce water in light of California’s fourth consecutive year of drought.

“Today we are standing on dry grass where there should be five feet of snow. This historic drought demands unprecedented action,” Brown said in a statement. “Therefore, I’m issuing an executive order mandating substantial water reductions across our state. As Californians, we must pull together and save water in every way possible.”

Drought was named a top concern of Californians last year, but the restrictions — which will aim to reduce California’s water usage by 25 percent — have sparked the expression of a variety of opinions on the matter.

Some see the regulations as the first step to a multifaceted problem that cannot be solved simply by water conservation — or even that the regulations are the wrong answer to the problem. A New York Times editorial from last year places the water shortage issue on cheap pricing that farmers can too easily take advantage of.

NBC Bay Area pointed to Santa Cruz’s success in reducing water usage by 25 percent last year as a sign that the restrictions could indeed help the statewide problem. However, because many Southern California cities already have water restrictions in place, it’s unclear if state mandates will make any difference to those regions.


The Ocean Cleanup aims to strip 70 million kilos of plastic from the sea in 10 years

A 100-kilometre array of floating barriers designed by a 20-year-old inventor aims to clear the oceans of waste plastic, and is one of the projects shortlisted for this year's Designs of the Year award (+ slideshow). (more…)


is urban catalyst theory legitimating the term ‘power’ in contemporary architecture?

in this essay by berrin chatzi chousein, the writer considers the 'urban catalyst theory' and its role within the context of contemporary architecture.

The post is urban catalyst theory legitimating the term ‘power’ in contemporary architecture? appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.


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