First Look: Chrysler Museum of Art

Situated prominently at the eastern end of The Hague, a crescent-shaped inlet that feeds into the Elizabeth River as it passes through Norfolk, Virginia, the Chrysler Museum of Art’s newly renovated and expanded Italianate pile opened to the public again last week after 17 months of construction.

Karim Rashid Brings Kool-Aid Colors and Curves to Manhattan Condo Buildings

At 53, Rashid is best known for designing household products. But now his wish to design buildings has been granted. Among his current projects are four Manhattan condo buildings, the first of which is already under construction.

First Look: National September 11 Memorial Museum

The Rising: A museum devoted to a traumatic event provides space for soaring emotions as it descends to bedrock.

Architects, Watch Your Backs

When a client modified a hard-won feature of one of his buildings, Antoine Predock took to Facebook to protest.

Exhibition Review: ‘Designing for Disaster’

Our strategies for preventing disasters and lessening their impacts have evolved a lot over the past quarter-century. The show smartly brings these to the fore and makes them tangible.

Newsmaker Interview: Eva Kotátková

The Czech artist discusses her installation "The Architecture of Sleep" at the Frieze Art Fair.

New York Public Library Drops Controversial Building Project

It’s typical for a public institution to announce a big building project with fanfare. But when the same project is dropped, the institution may invoke its right to remain silent.

Newsmaker Interview: Hélène Binet

The London-based architectural photographer discusses a selection of her work on view at the Collective Design Fair in New York.

Exhibition Review: Joris Laarman Lab at Friedman Benda

The show features the results of Laarman’s experiments at the crossroads of technology and design. By using the latest in 3D printing, like the MX3D metal printer, which his Joris Laarman Lab in Amsterdam helped develop, Laarman and his team are working to achieve a level of design human hands are incapable of.

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Architect Mahmood Fallahian

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