The Good House: Design Is in the Details (13 photos)

Architectural detail gives a house interest, texture, depth, a story and so much more. And while detail can liven up and enrich our experience of a home, it often isn’t thought about until the end. So what happens is that a crown molding gets added as a surface treatment that, while maybe nice, doesn’t...


“Who would defend the elevated urban motorway?”

Will Wiles opinion column on elevated bridges

Opinion: the elevated highways that cut through major cities around the world were once heralded as harbingers of modernity, but are now seen as pollution-generating, space-guzzling monsters. Will Wiles wonders if they're really all that bad. (more…)


See Surrealist Street Art in Action at Dwell on Design Los Angeles

Dwell on Design Los Angeles 2015 Artist in Residence Norm Maxwell Branded Arts Towers Project Seven Eleven

Norm "Nomzee" Maxwell's "Seven Eleven" is part of the Branded Arts Towers Project in Burbank, California.

Image courtesy of Norm Maxwell.

Upon completion of the mural, the piece will be transported to Freehab, the Teen Project’s Life Transformation Center in Sun Valley, which serves the area’s most vulnerable addicted and homeless youths. Maxwell’s mural will help decorate Freehab’s new trade school, which will teach residents basic technical skills under the auspices of director Lauri Burns. Using a palette of colors from Dunn-Edwards’ new Then, Now & Forever collection, Maxwell says his piece “will convey a message of harmony and nurturing strength.”

Of a site visit to Freehab, Maxwell says he was “moved to find that so many of our youth are crossing into adulthood without the basic tools and support needed to become productive, self-sustaining members of society. As a parent of two teens, I understand the tremendous effort required to nurture a young life into maturity. It is important that every child has the opportunity to a smooth transition into adulthood in order to achieve their full potential.”

Dwell on Design attendees are encouraged to check in with Maxwell throughout the day as this inspiring project comes to life.


subaru BRZ STI performance concept unveiled at 2015 new york auto show

the subaru 'BRZ STI performance' concept employs a tuned, horizontally-opposed 2.0-liter, four-cylinder turbo racing engine, that is also used for the brand's GT race in japan.

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۷ Camping Retreats to Build In Your Backyard

tent, bedroom, bed, turquoise

The El Cosmico hotel in Marfa, Texas had a brilliant idea when adding outdoorsy room options for its guests: furnishing tents and teepees with items that would be normally found in a standard bedroom. For families looking to "get away," a few days in the backyard, with comfortable bedding, seating and lighting borrowed from the indoors, is the perfect last-minute weekend respite.

Photo by Nick Simonite.

Richard Rogers donates house designed for parents to Harvard architecture school

British architect Richard Rogers has gifted the seminal Wimbledon home he designed for his parents in the late 1960s to the Harvard Graduate School of Design. (more…)


Garden Walls: Dry-Stacked Stone Walls Keep Their Place in the Garden (14 photos)

Dry-stack construction has existed for centuries. Terraced retaining walls built by the Incas at Machu Picchu are probably some of the most well-known examples of this technique, dating back to the 15th century. Not only have these walls endured harsh weather and centuries of use, but they’ve...


۵ Homes that Get Creative with Fences

A gabled house in Portland, Oregon

Easing the discontinuity between public and private, this modest A-frame in Portland features a tall charred wood fence that complements the structure's James Hardie lap board siding.  

Image courtesy of Steven Scardina Photography.

franky leering designs flyingJACK stainless steel bottle

horses massive, dense frames emit a raw energy that traverses into the earth with each powerful stride, its hoof, became the principle influence for what would eventually become the flyingJACK stainless steel bottle.

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HUB by Matteo Ragni Design

HUB is designed to be customized day by day, recognizing our need to personalize the spaces that we occupy for many hours a day. Hub is an office system created for today's contemporary world, accommodating the shifting boundaries between design work and management work as well as hierarchies and roles.

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Architect Mahmood Fallahian

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