Modern Megacities Put in Perspective by Charles and Ray Eames


Beijing, population ۲۱,۶۵۰,۰۰۰٫ It's estimated that Asia alone will have 28 megacities by 2025. 

Today more than half the world's population resides in a city, an all-time high that's trending upward. Some 38 cities are estimated to contain more than 10 million people, designating them "megacities." Unfurling outward, climbing higher, converging into one another, metropolises from Mumbai to Mexico City are competing for space in a way few midcentury architects could have forseen, but not Charles and Ray Eames.

Already legends in the field of architecture and design, in 1977 the husband and wife team adapted a book by a Dutch educator into a short documentary, Powers of Ten. The film—in case you missed science class that day—shows the human environment slowly receding as the camera zooms out over a park in Chicago into outerspace. In a matter of seconds, the Eamseses put the city in a radically new perspective. 

Though the film does not predict the rise of massive urban conglomerations, it was an early glimpse of the city as the sum of its parts—a kind of precursor to Google Maps. The Eamseses enabled a generation of aspiring designers to visualize a metropolitan area as sweeping as the issues confronting it.

Eames and Llisa Demetrios, Charles and Ray's grandchildren, will discuss Power of Ten's legacy at Dwell on Design in Los Angeles next month. 



۶ Homes Framed by Trees

modern design prefab sunset facade outdoor connect homes

Thanks to a prefab in-law unit, an octogenarian modernist lives independently on a peaceful, verdant, tree-lined site in Northern California. Though the daughter didn’t want all-glass walls, natural light and airflow were key. Architect jared Levy and Connect:Homes fellow cofounder Gordon Stott used an LED system to offset light from windows and doors. Says Stott, “It’s about 150 watts to light the whole house.”

Photo by Joe Fletcher .

"The Architects" Offers a Peek into New York's Architecture Firms

Filmmaker Amie Siegel The Architects Storefront for Art and Architecture

Amie Siegel's film The Architects offers viewers a peak into the offices of leading architecture firms throughout New York City. 

Image courtesy of the artist.

See The Architects at the Storefront for Art and Architecture through May 19, 2015. 



alphaville’s house in osaka displays staggered spiraling windows

named 'spiral window house', the structure is positioned on a busy street surrounded by other residential dwellings.

The post alphaville’s house in osaka displays staggered spiraling windows appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.


۵ Midcentury Modern Living Rooms

hudson river valley renovation

A midcentury dwelling in Newburgh, New York built in 1954 was renovated by architect Jeff Jordan for a couple. The updated living room, which features a traditional midcentury fireplace as well as new cedar walls, includes a Modernica sofa, chaise, and table from the previous owners, as well as a Prouvé daybed and Jasper Morrison cork stools by Vitra.

Photo by Jon Snyder.

Mt Martha Beach House by Wolveridge Architects is clad in a mixture of weather-resilient materials

Blackened timber, zinc and cement boards add variety to the facade of this beachside home near Melbourne, which is made up of several intersecting and overhanging blocks (+ slideshow). (more…)


My Houzz: Bright and Airy Renovated Home in Vancouver (23 photos)

Regan Xausa and her husband, Davide, founder of Velofix, a mobile bike repair company, found the perfect teardown property on a lot with major potential in Kitsilano, one of Vancouver’s desirable neighborhoods. “We knew it was the one because the house had a south-facing backyard and it was on a...


Bright.Style No.6: How To Wear Primary Brights

When it comes to spring style I like to have a series of bright coats (just like this red one) at my disposal to cheer up dull and damp days. Given my love of hue I often like to pair a statement coat with another colour – you know, just for that added dash of colour! Although it might been difficult to pair primary clothes together in one outfit, it’s actually super simple.Will-Taylor-Bright-Bazaar-Mens-Fashion-Blogger-1
The best way to pair primary brights in one outfit and avoid looking like a prep school kid or kid’s TV presenter is to lean on classic style details to add sophistication. I called on my best bud – the classic striped top – in a hero red colour from Joe Fresh, and a yellow Penfield x J.Crew jacket.Will-Taylor-Bright-Bazaar-Mens-Fashion-Blogger-3
The solid yellow of the jacket breaks up the graphic stripe detail of the top. I completed the look with dark denim, my favourite Daniel Wellington watch and a simple, clear pair of Warby Parker frames. What details do you like from this outfit? How do you like to wear primary colours?Will-Taylor-Bright-Bazaar-Mens-Fashion-Blogger-5



How Boxy Would You Go? A Look at Modern Box Homes

wood clad modern house

In central Spain, a timber-clad minimalist structure serves as a contemporary vacation home that manages to both stand out and blend in with the surrounding landscape.


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The kitchen might be the hub of most homes, but when it comes time to slow down, kick back and relax, most of us head straight for the comfort of our living rooms. It’s where we put our feet up, chat with friends, turn on the TV, power up a laptop, open a book or laugh with our spouse about something...


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