Graveney Sixth Form Block by Urban Projects Bureau

Polycarbonate covers the front façade animating the building both internally and externally. From the robust wooden structure to the playful façade, Alex Warnock-Smith explains the process behind the new Sixth Form Block for students at Graveney School in London.

rev’it #95 motorcycle takes on any corner with the help of all wheel drive

the dutch company installed a christini AWD arrangement with custom designed aluminum gas tank, exhausts and iPhone integration.

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Yelp Manager Connects People, Celebrates Community in Reno

Michael Tragash

Next City isn’t just a news website, we are a nonprofit organization with a mission to inspire social, economic and environmental change in cities. Part of how we do that is by connecting our readers to the interesting people who are part of our Next City Network.

Next City’s annual Vanguard conference for urban leaders age 40 and under was in Reno this year, May 6-8. We’re pleased to have worked with many talented locals to make the event a success, and we’re using the Network to introduce people from our great team of “on-the-ground supporters” in Nevada. Reno Yelp Community Manager Michael Tragash helped with social media around the event and was one of the judges for the conference’s Big Idea Challenge.

Name: Michael Tragash

Current Occupation: Senior Community Manager, Yelp

Hometown: Miami

Current City: Reno

Twitter Tag: @YelpReno

I drink: Coffee, more specifically espresso

I am an: Extrovert

I get to work by: Car

The area I grew up in is: Burbs, but I wish I could say rural, which is why I love Reno so much. Ten minutes in any direction and you’ve got wide-open spaces!

What was your first job? Working with Stan Harris, the copywriter who penned “Magically Delicious” for Lucky Charms.

What is your favorite city and why? Right now I’m in love with San Luis Obispo, California, or SLO. There’s such a spirit of independence there, along with some natural beauty and a vibrant local business scene.

What do you do when you are not working? I’m a city boy that loves the country, and living in Nevada has given me opportunities to hike, fish, hunt and camp. More typically though, you’ll find me out and about supporting our great food scene and local events.

Did you always want to be a community manager? I didn’t even know such a job existed! I found it fortuitously on Craigslist, and some days I still can’t believe my job is to help connect the great people of Reno to the amazing local business owners and entrepreneurs that are driving our city forward. Now that I’ve found it, I can’t imagine a better gig on the planet!

What do you like most about your current job? Every morning I wake up deciding how to shine a big ol’ spotlight on the best local businesses and great things happening in our community. Whether I’m planning a happy hour or massive community promotion, everything I do connects people to our great local businesses, and gives the business owners an opportunity to share their passion and stories with Yelpers who in turn will tell them to others.

Tragash connects Yelpers to great local businesses in Reno like Dorinda’s Chocolates.

What is the coolest project you worked on? Toss up between Molecular Yelpstronomy and Yelp’s On Tap. Molecular Yelpstronomy, Reno’s first Yelper Party, invited more than 400 attendees to eat, drink and explore the concepts of molecular gastronomy, the science of food, and how it’s made through interactive tastings and demonstrations offered by 15 great local businesses at the Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum. For Yelp’s On Tap, Yelp Reno and Under the Rose Brewing Co. crowdsourced the flavor profile of Nevada, turned it into a beer and put it on tap at local bars with 10 one-of-a-kind tap handles created by an artist from The Generator, and donated $1 of each pint to help Volunteers of America and The Generator with their missions in the community.

What are the hard parts about your job? There are so many great local businesses in Reno, and I wish I could connect and work with all of them! There are also a lot of myths and misconceptions out there about Yelp, and I wish I could address them all in one shot. Yelp also has a boatload of free data we could be utilizing to create apps and interventions that will improve Reno and help propel it to the place of greatness we all see it in. Yelp is a huge opportunity for our local businesses, but also for our community and city as well. Everything Yelpers do promotes our community and the local business scene to residents and visitors in the U.S. and 30 countries internationally, and I’m excited to help the Reno community maximize this opportunity and put our city on the map!

Tragash holds a Yelp Elite Event at Catch a Rising Star Comedy Club in Reno.

What is the biggest challenge facing cities today? Accessibility. In my role as a community manager, I’ve seen first hand the way my accessibility has translated to growth, excitement and support from Yelpers, business owners and the general public. Mayor Schieve is a great example of this in action, and a reason why I think Reno is able to be so nimble and progressive. In other cities, it appears local officials and leaders are too far removed at times, and when they need the help of the citizens, it’s hard to garner that support.

Who do you most admire? My wife, Ashley Greenwald Tragash. She’s incredibly impressive in many ways, but her time management and work ethic are something that can’t go unrecognized. Somehow she manages to direct the activities of a statewide grant-funded agency, work part-time as a doula bringing the next generation into the world, and puts up with my antics and social schedule, all while working toward completing her PhD in behavior analysis and the university.

Also Clint Jolly, owner of Great Thyme Catering. Clint is one of the most generous, caring and committed people in our community, and an original proponent of the vibrant local food scene we are all enjoying today. Willing to drop everything at a moment’s notice or give of himself to help out in any situation, Clint loves this place we call home, and he has taught me a lot about life, business and all things in between. My favorite part about Clint is the time and energy he devotes to cultivating future generations of culinarians through mentorship roles in ProStart and AACT programs.


Jean Nouvel’s first New York skyscraper will include three floors of MoMA gallery space

New images show details of the design for the 53W53 residential tower by French architect Jean Nouvel, which will occupy a site adjacent to the Museum of Modern Art on New York's 53rd Street. (more…)


thames baths project targets planning permission after kickstarter funding

the updated proposal integrates the changing rooms and kiosks within the floating pontoon, offering a self-sufficient lido that could be located in a variety of urban waterways.

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New York Festival of Light 2015 Call for Submissions

NYFOL_2015_HERO Light installation submissions for the 2015 New York Festival of Light are due June 15, 2015.

happy LED life! – a design competition for lighting up the domestic and public environment

designboom, in collaboration with the 2015 gwangju design biennale, celebrates 20 years of the white-light LED, by seeking designs that explore the use of LED technology at home, and in our public urban spaces.

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slip-cast seams accentuate canisters line by benjamin hubert & bitossi

the collection's principle characteristic is due to intricate lines left by slip cast molds, which remain on the exterior surfaces rather than being cleaned away.

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Biennale by Josep Ferrando for Figueras

By referencing a fractal design, 'the harmony of proportions expresses both individuality and the whole at the same time,' says Ferrando. The ceremonious act of sitting in a circle is an integral part of gathering rituals. From medieval round tables to pow wows, humans have been congregating in circular arrangements for as long as can be remembered. Intrigued by the act for religious spaces in particular, Catalan architect Josep Ferrando explored the potential of a chair which fosters this type of arrangement without the awkward squared off edges and triangular voids creating unnecessary distance between sitters.

Bec Brittain’s latest lighting collection features LED tubes arranged in diamond shapes

New York 2015: Brooklyn-based lighting designer Bec Brittain has launched a lighting collection called Zelda, based on diamond-shaped forms, as well as a new range of light diffusers. (more…)


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Architect Mahmood Fallahian

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