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LEDucation9_HERO Despite an early spring snow storm, The Designers Lighting Forum of New York’s annual solid-state lighting tradeshow, LEDucation, drew more than 3,000 attendees over the course of the two-day expo.

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How to Pick the Perfect Accent Color (17 photos)

Choosing a favorite color is easy. Choosing a two-tone color scheme for your home? Not so much. Mistakes come easily, and the frustration might leave you reaching for a bucket of white paint. But don’t wipe the slate clean just yet. Here are my suggestions for pairing the right accent color with each...


Renzo Piano joins Rogers Stirk Harbour and Wilkinson Eyre for Sydney harbour overhaul

Renzo Piano has become the latest architect to contribute a design to the major redevelopment of Sydney's Barangaroo South waterfront (+ movie). (more…)


City Sewers Reveal Obesity Trends

(Photo by Greg L)

The revealing nature of the urban sewer isn’t new, but there’s been a recent rash of news about the underground systems that most city-dwellers would prefer to never think about. There’s researchers poking into one city’s waste to examine drug use and another using beer to help clean wastewater.

Now, another recent study published in the journal mBio found that by using genetic traces from a city’s sewage bacteria, researchers were able to predict whether a city was lean or obese with almost 90 percent accuracy.

The team spent a year gathering samples from sewage treatment plants in 71 different cities in 31 states. Obesity rates in these cities ranged from the lowest, 13.5 percent in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, to 37.4 percent in St. Joseph, Missouri.

“If we had a city with a higher percentage of obese people, we would see a higher percentage of the kinds of bacteria associated with obesity,” one of the researchers told Inside Science. “Once you identify bacteria that are associated with healthy people, you can see where people are healthy or unhealthy based on their microbiome. I think it does have some long-term surveillance applications.”

What will this, er, solid research approach do for all those media outlets that publish “America’s Fattest Cities” lists each year?


Great Design Plant: Mertensia Virginica (6 photos)

Of all the early-spring-blooming wildflowers in the mid-Atlantic region, Virginia bluebells is among the most striking. It blankets the woodland floor with sky-blue flowers shortly after breaking ground in the first weeks of spring. After the nearly month-long show, the gray-green foliage dies back...


Wood Awards 2015 call for entries

House No. 7 - Winner of the Wood Awards 2014 Private Category

Dezeen promotion: the Wood Awards: Excellence in Architecture and Product Design is inviting architects and designers in the UK to submit entries for this year's competition. (more…)


Minneapolis Suffers Job Losses So Other Cities Can Get Target Express

Target headquarters (blue tower) and a two-level flagship store in Minneapolis (Photo by Payton Chung)

Retail giant Target laid off 1,700 workers this week, mostly at its Minneapolis headquarters, and the company will leave 1,400 open positions unfilled. According to Minnesota Public Radio, the news comes a week after the company announced that it would eliminate “several thousand” positions, primarily at HQ, over the course of two years.

“Today is a very difficult day for the Target team, but we believe these are the right decisions for the company,” spokeswoman Molly Snyder emailed MPR. She went on to write that Target’s transformation is an “ongoing journey.”

The retail chain plans to make a bigger investment in technology and other efforts to improve its online and mobile presence. The company says in the future it “will increasingly focus on new, more flexible formats like TargetExpress and CityTarget, which cater to guests in rapidly growing, dense urban areas.”

As Next City Equity Factor columnist Alexis Stephens explained in “Millennials Moving to the City Bring Target Along,” the retailer is targeting the next generation of shoppers with the urban-centric stores:

These outposts will duplicate the atmosphere of Target’s suburban locations and bring some of the chain’s branded products to city storefronts. The company is betting on the idea that freshly minted urban-migrant millennials might crave the clean, climate-controlled Tar-zhay convenience of their youth.

Target says severance package includes a minimum of 15 weeks’ pay, which could be higher based on tenure at the company. Kathy Northamer, a district president with the Robert Half recruitment firm, is optimistic for the future of those let go. “Companies are moving quicker than ever to secure people,” Northamer told MPR. “It’s the type of market where employers have to move fast if they want to secure the right talent.”

Just last week, advocates for a $15 minimum wage in Minneapolis protested at Target’s headquarters.


keita suzuki’s rice bowl revisits ancient japanese standards

the design features five varieties each hand manufactured by a different prefecture of japan.

The post keita suzuki’s rice bowl revisits ancient japanese standards appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.


What to Know Before You Paint Your Walls White (14 photos)

There are few better ways to bring a fresh start to a home’s interior than by painting it white. This clean-slate strategy is often used immediately upon the purchase of a new home. I’ve known clients who prime the walls white even before the boxes arrive on move-in day.
But the same white



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