5 Modern Renovations in London

The Gables Kitchen and Dining Area, London

On a landlocked site in Primrose Hill surrounded by Victorian homes and a railway line, Patalab Architecture transformed a 60-year-old industrial compound into a spacious, contemporary residence.


5 New Zealand Getaways

New Zealand house with ceder weatherboards

On the shores of New Zealand’s Lake Wakatipu, architects Bronwen Kerr and Pete Ritchie designed a relaxed family home that reclines into its spectacular landscape.

Photo by Stephen Oxenbury.

Get an Advance Look at the Amazing Residences on Dwell's Brooklyn Home Tour

Brooklyn Tour Carved Duplex exterior in Williamsburg.

Architect Alex Gil and his wife, Claudia DeSimio, affixed a 750-square-foot addition to the roof of a 19th century Williamsburg townhouse, transforming their cramped third-floor apartment into a modern duplex.

Photo by Michael Vahrenwald.

Join us on this self-guided tour through Brooklyn's abodes on Saturday, May 9, 10AM-4PM. This is your chance to step inside the city's most modern private homes, from a multifamily building in Bushwick, to a townhouse renovation in Williamsburg, to a Park Slope row house redesign. 

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This Light-Filled Cabin in the Netherlands Is Completely Made by Hand

Handmade Cabin Traditional Exterior, The Netherlands

Building atop the foundation of a previous greenhouse was a cost-cutting measure; it allowed the project to be considered a renovation and thereby qualify for a temporary tax reduction. Its traditional, gabled form also pays homage to the original structure.

Image courtesy of Roel van Norel .

Fine craftsmanship underlies this collaboration between Zecc Architects and designer Roel van Norel in the quiet forest north of Utrecht. Bert Oostenbruggen planned the home's basic structure, including its unusual shutters, while van Norel handmade its bespoke wooden interior. The result is a thoughtful, versatile cabin that Oostenbruggen says lets the owners "flee daily life" while taking in as much or as little of nature as they like. 


How to Design and Plant in Dry, Sunny Spots (7 photos)

Dry, sunny and wind-swept places in the garden often pose a challenge for the home gardener. But extra watering to keep plants alive in those places is a waste of your time and resources. Beyond planting drought-tolerant plants, I also encourage you to think about how you can design a space that takes...


One Clue You’re a Millennial: You’re Reading This

(Photo by Terabass)

Are you a millennial? Before you check your birth year, or the various assumptions and tag lines that go along with the moniker (mobile-tech junkies, lovers of micro-housing, perennial renters), you might just want to think about what generation you feel. Whether you’re 22 or 52, if you’re a Next City follower, you’re likely an urbanist, a city-dweller, a fan of cities or all three.

And, according to a new survey of 1,000-plus people, even if you’re a boomer or Gen X according to your birth certificate, that means you’re probably millennial-like.

Zipcar’s annual “Millennial Survey” found that city-dwellers of all ages carry attitudes and behaviors in line with those that characterize millennials, while suburban or rural residents tend toward the values associated with older generations.

The generation-bending comparison isn’t that much of a stretch. Last year, an American Planning Association study showed that both Boomers and millennials agreed that cities should “focus … on investing in new transportation options, walkable communities and making the area as attractive as possible.”

The Millennial Survey points to the fact that the millennial preference for alternative transportation and more public cell phone charging sites is consistent with that of urban non-millennials.

The survey also found that in the past year, a large number of urbanites (44 percent) and millennials (45 percent) have made a conscious effort to reduce how much they drive, and instead have taken other forms of transportation. A car was also the number one item both urbanites and millennials would choose to give up before their cell phone, computer, tablet or TV.

Overall, the study found that being a millennial is influenced by both age and urban proximity, with neither necessarily more significant than the other.

“Are millennials influencing cities or are cities influencing millennials?” the survey asks, to set up a sunshine-y answer. “We’re not entirely certain. We do know one thing for sure — a growing population that is open to innovation and is concerned with the environment will only further our goal of making cities better places to live.”


7 Cool, Modern Sights in the Coachella Valley

Neutra Kaufmann house

Internationally acclaimed modernist architect Richard Neutra designed the Kaufmann house in Palm Springs in 1946.

Image courtesy of David A. Lee.

Singer, Composer, Eyewear Designer, Devo's Mark Mothersbaugh Does it All

Mark Mothersbaugh Myopia

Mark Mothersbaugh: Myopia, edited by Adam Lerner (Princeton Architectural Press, 2014)

Lead singer of a critically-acclaimed band, composer of Wes Anderson scores, gifted photographer—it seems there's nothing Mark Mothersbaugh can't do. His latest endeavor comes in the form of a book, Mark Mothersbaugh: Myopia, which highlights his diverse body of visual artwork, including drawings, sculptures, photographs, videos, prints, artfully crafted rugs, and a new retail line of custom designed eyewear. Mothersbaugh will discuss this body of work next month at Dwell on Design Los Angeles.

In a short cartoon (below), Mothersbaugh speaks on the evolution of Devo and briefly shares some history on the medical condition he had as a child: high-degree myopia (legally blind nearsightedness). New corrective lenses prescribed to him at the age of seven changed the way young Mothersbaugh looked at the world—both physically and creatively. “It was the most incredible day and the most incredible feeling in my life when . . . I saw what a roof of a house looked like,” he says. Soon after, he started drawing, and with a complimentary nod from a teacher, his focus shifted toward becoming an artist. 

Some sixty years later, and many musical lifetimes in between, Mothersbaugh’s journey appears to have come full circle. On Sunday, May 31, he will speak on his decades of creative work, his recent exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver, and his new line of eyewear. 





aurélien barbry updates kitchenwares collection for georg jensen

the copenhagen-based designer aurélien barbry introduces another dimension to the barbry collection for georg jensen that brings dining objects to the popular array of existing kitchenware.

The post aurélien barbry updates kitchenwares collection for georg jensen appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.


Why You Should Embrace a Solid Slab Backsplash (13 photos)

A solid slab backsplash is a custom look that says luxury in a kitchen of any size. But it doesn’t require a luxurious budget. Take inspiration from this trendy yet timeless look, and give your next kitchen remodel a solid head start.


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