15 Reasons to Get Addicted to Kantha Quilts (15 photos)

Kantha quilts originate from Southern Asia and are made from old saris, layered on top of each other and stitched together. They have beautiful and unexpected colors, intricate patterns and an abundance of embroidered running stitches. It’s easy to find yourself addicted to kantha quilts....


These Limited-Editon Prints Capture Architectural Landmarks Around the World

Architectural portrait of three Brooklyn, New York landmark buildings

In studio esinam’s Landmark series, the architects celebrate three landmarks from famous cities all over the world. The Brooklyn Landmarks Architectural Print includes architectural drawings of three iconic places in the city including buttresses from the Brooklyn Bridge, the tower of the Williamsburg Savings Bank Tower, alongside examples of classic brownstone townhomes. Each print in the series is artfully printed on brilliant white, environmentally friendly acid free paper, and is available in an unframed version or with a thin maple frame—in a natural wood finish or modern black or white.

As native Swedes, Josefine Lillljegren and Sebastian Gokah have focused several of their prints on Swedish cities like Gothenburg and Stockholm, as well as European capitals including Berlin and Paris. The architectural series also include portraits of Tokyo and Brooklyn, rounding out the global series. The intricate prints can be used as standalone wall art, or combined with other prints in studio esinam’s Landmark and Elevations series to create an homage to one’s favorite cities and architectural marvels around the world.

studio esinam has partnered with the Dwell Store to launch these limited edition prints in the United States. Each print is available unframed or as a framed version—a natural maple finish, painted black, or painted white frame are offered.


kengo kuma converts tokyo warehouse into la kagu event space

the design team sought to create a new public space, which closely resembled a more natural terrain.

The post kengo kuma converts tokyo warehouse into la kagu event space appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.


What Will It Take for Factory-Built Prefab Housing To Become the Norm?

Modern prefab home builder Capsys constructs their modules at the Brooklyn Navy Yard

Prefab builder Capsys is headquartered at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, where it constructs its modules.

Image courtesy of James Shanks.

Environmental efficiency, customization, and affordability: The trends shaping the housing market could spur an increase in prefab. Industry leaders feel momentum behind factory-built housing, but it will only pick up speed once the industry scales up and bends the cost curve. 

“We’re not competitors to other prefab companies, we’re competing against standard home builders,” says Maura McCarthy, cofounder of Blu Homes. Manufacturing out of a former submarine factory in Northern California, the company faces a Model T problem. As Ford did with its symbol of assembly-line affordability, Blu needs to refine the process and expand volume to cut costs. The company expects to double its output this year and move into new markets, but its focus on craftsmanship and its “Mini Cooper” marketing message—sexy and small—won’t change the fact that price is a deciding factor.  

“The demand definitely exceeds the supply,” says Robby Kullman of Capsys, which assembles modular structures inside a 75,000-square-foot factory at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. But attention won’t matter without fulfillment and better design. “Competition and capacity make the industry grow,” Kullman says. 

The focus on smaller is, in part, a play to expand into the challenging (and potentially lucrative) urban market. New York City waived zoning and density rules to allow a prefab micro-apartment complex, built with Capsys modules and set to finish in summer 2015, to alleviate a housing shortage by adding much-needed units. 

Jeffrey Sommers, an architect who works with several manufacturers to bring sustainable modular buildings to Chicago, says prefab construction is ideal for urban dwellers, but thinks that policy creates a layer of complexity. “The city requires that all building inspections must take place at the job site, thus making it difficult to build offsite,” he says. “I would like to see a manufacturing facility located within Chicago—this would eliminate the inspection issues, would create jobs, and would lower the overall cost of transportation.” But amid industry-standard issues, like transportation costs, and banks and building inspectors struggling to understand a new home-construction model, Sommers says expansion and innovation need to go hand in hand: “You need a partnership with the technology industry to make this happen.” 


Photo of the Week: Minimal Dream Kitchen with Wood Accents

Minimal wood kitchen

A kitchen with a wood backsplash.

Image courtesy of @_kristajahnke_.

Our favorite snap of the week is this sleek wood kitchen designed by Christian Woo and captured by @_kristajahnke_.

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5 Eye-Catching Exteriors

IST Slovakian Farmhouse by Peter Jurkovič

The north wall of this country home in Slovakia functions as a glass cut-away, offering a peek inside an efficient yet cozy dwelling.

Image courtesy of Peter Jurkovič.

Boston Ups Security Ahead of Marathon

The 2015 Boston Marathon finish line on Boylston Street (AP Photo/Steven Senne)

Safety concerns surrounding Monday’s marathon has Boston at the center of controversy regarding video surveillance.

According to WBUR:

Boston Police Deputy Supt. William Ridge says video surveillance is a big part of the marathon security plan.

“We’ve got a lot of cameras out there. We’re going to be watching the portions in Boston, particularly the routes along Boylston Street, the finish line,” Ridge says.

That’s the area where two bombs detonated two years ago. Video footage helped authorities identify the terrorists. But some worry police are using marathon security to increase surveillance in the city.

Cameras in Boston are programmed to turn toward gunshots. While some say this is a great safety measure that belongs in every neighborhood, some disagree. Kade Crockford of the American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts told WBUR that while she’s not concerned about the cameras meant to survey the marathon, she is concerned about the possibility of expanding this security.

“What does trigger privacy concerns is the city of Boston installing a network of cameras, some in residential neighborhoods, that enable law enforcement to track individual people from the moment we leave our homes in the morning until the moment we return at night, seeing basically everywhere we went and everything we did.”

At a time when police violence is being scrutinized and body cameras for officers are being debated across the U.S., Boston isn’t alone in these concerns. Many cities use video surveillance in the name of safety, but critics claim that it’s an abuse of power and an invasion of privacy. Skeptics are wary of tech-centric efforts such as “predictive policing” and facial recognition. Even Chicago’s red light cameras have been criticized for overstepping into surveillance territory.


Editors' Picks from Salone del Mobile 2015: Day Three

Design Junction eco-friendly living room at Salone del Mobile 2015

This is what a modern, eco-friendly living room could look like. @thedesignjunction featured a full-scale room outfitted with furniture and products designed with sustainability in mind. The sideboard is from Benchmark, the dining table and chairs are Ercol, the glass vases are Utopia & Utility, the plates are Kukka, and the pendant light is Donald Baugh.


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This week we reported on Patrik Schumacher's rant against critics, proposals by Snohetta (pictured) and SANAA for a new Budapest museum, and all the highlights from Milan's annual design week. Read on to catch up with the latest architecture and design news. (more…)


Consider Giving Your House a Big Bolt of Blue (10 photos)

Our homes should be taking their cue from the fashion catwalk this season, where smart denim, crisp chambray and patterned separates made anything blue a must-have. As with outfits, you can either go all-out, using fabulous wall-to-wall bright blue, or pick out accessories and statement pieces that will...


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