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Why You Might Want to Work With an Interior Design Pro (16 photos)

When people consider hiring an interior design professional for the first time, they often don’t know what to expect. Television can make it seem as though designers are magicians. This can create the illusion that designing, purchasing for and executing a vision can happen in a day; that...


Why Your Next Sofa Should Be a Roll-Arm (12 photos)

Roll-arm sofas are a timeless design but a recently emerging trend. This versatile furniture piece is able to integrate seamlessly into a home of nearly any style, adding both gentle beauty and a truly comfortable place to sit (or lie) down. Read on to learn the many ways a roll-arm sofa can fit...


How to Rock a Mixed-Metal Decor Palette (13 photos)

Demand for gold and brass accents has thrust mixed-metal palettes into the spotlight. The timeless combination of silver and gold, and even a little sprinkling of copper, can form the basis of a whole design or just one piece of a larger puzzle. Whether you love Art Deco glamour or just a little contemporary...


How to Choose the Right Toilet (15 photos)

Although the humble toilet isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a visually stunning bathroom, it’s still an important element with just as many varieties to choose from as other plumbing fixtures. Choosing well the first time (and resisting the temptation to cut corners) will avoid...


10 Ways to Dress Up Your Kitchen Island (10 photos)

The kitchen island or peninsula is often the home’s hub, where family and friends gather to help with the cooking (or just the eating). This central position makes it an important design feature and a great place to add personality to your kitchen. Re-dressing the island can provide a dramatic face-lift...


The Many Reasons to Embrace Sheer Curtains (12 photos)

Think sheer draperies are just for Grandma’s house? Not true. Here’s proof that sheers can belong in any home — and never go out of style.


11 Smart Decorating Ideas for Wall Niches (13 photos)

Sometimes a wall niche has an obvious purpose — a cubby for firewood, for example. Other times, not so much. Either way, if you’re not sure what to do with your functional niche or awkward alcove, here are foolproof ways to fill, conceal, feature and otherwise turn that negative space into a positive....


How to Make Wood Tones Work for You (14 photos)

Wood is a timeless material, but lately it seems to be more popular than ever. There’s a species for every purpose and style. Need something durable? Want something rustic? Or exotic? How about cheap? There’s a wood for that. But having all those choices also makes many homeowners wonder, when is it...


9 Kitchen Color Ideas With Staying Power (10 photos)

If you’re looking for a timeless color scheme that will keep your kitchen out of the trends and in style for the long term, then look no further than one of these nine classic color combinations.


7 Inky Colors to Use Instead of Black (14 photos)

Want a deep, inky color that brings the high-fashion appeal of black but without the attitude? Try one of these soft and sumptuous alternatives with plenty of personality to suit your mood and your space.


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