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Futuristic high-tech private home lifts available to all

As our technological capabilities expand, so do our homes. For the moment, expect to spend a king’s ransom on a home that incorporates advanced technology features like automated butlers, iPad-controlled systems or swimming pools with underwater musi…

Nature, craft and modern design meet at this coastal Costa Rican hotel

A new, boutique hotel in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, blends modern design, traditional craftsmanship, and the natural environment.

Architects on sensory design

The design of spaces can powerfully shape sensory experiences, but how important is it to think about sound, smell, touch and sight when planning a building? Leading architects around the world share their thoughts about sensory design with Blueprint

New Designers 2018: showcasing the UK’s best emerging design talent

Now into its 33rd year, New Designers is back for 2018, helping uncover the best emerging design talent from around the UK

How to design a good night’s sleep

From the ‘first night effect’ to gadgets and apps, a roundtable held by Nulty tackled the ways design can be used to help hotel guests sleep better.

Design Seminar – Fit for purpose – and for people

Experts from across the contract design sector discuss wellness in workplace projects

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News and pictures from the design sector

Tastemakers: Inside the world of food and drink design

From tasty teardrops to inhalable clouds of gin, from conceptual edibles to curated eating experiences, from Nestlé to Nandos, the art of food design comes in many guises with varied goals and outcomes

5 tips to help create a sustainable interior

As the need for sustainable design continues to grow and more and more people look for unique furnishings, we share some of our tips to help create an eco-friendly home interior.

Reflecting the Romans: Musée de la Romanité by Elizabeth de Portzamparc

Elizabeth de Portzamparc’s new Musée de la Romanité in Nimes responds to two millennia of history with undulating reflections and a building that draws the city into — and on to — it.

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Architect Mahmood Fallahian

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