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Latest “last word” on open offices: they keep you fitter and lower stress

Everyone bashes the open office, but a new study finds that they are better for you.

Pros and cons of 6 different kinds of wood floors

Chapter 1 of our look at flooring alternatives

Church in the Netherlands converted into transformer library: books by day, party room by night

"If knowledge has become a secular religion, public libraries are its parishes, mosques and synagogues."

Japanese furniture makers pivot to cats

Because why shouldn't cats get a beautiful sofa of their own?

Stair of the week is a loft bed in Singapore hotel

Sometimes you wonder what they were thinking.

Stair of the week stores a ton of art, leads to gorgeous new garret

Syte Architects insert a mezzanine and a terrific storage stair in existing loft.

The capsule hotel gets a remake

Schemata Architects gives it a new image and a nice sauna.

Why do people still commute to an office?

Most people thought the office would be dead by now. It is probably time to really try to kill it.

Another one bites the dust: Goodbye to the American Museum of Natural History’s gem and mineral gallery

Understanding rocks, minerals and geology is critical to understanding the environment.

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Architect Mahmood Fallahian

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