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Small apartment redesigned like an ‘urban beach house’

A compact apartment in an traditional building near Barcelona's waterfront is transformed into an airy, modern home.

Glass & mirrors enlarge this cosmopolitan micro-apartment renovation

A clever redo of a small 376-square-foot apartment in São Paulo that uses lots of glass and reflective surfaces.

Micro-apartment has carousel closet under the bed

This once-derelict small apartment has been renovated on a budget into a more modern space.

Stair of the week emerges fluidly like a tree from seed

This gorgeous staircase combines digital tools with traditional fabrication methods.

Istanbul apartment has some quirky storage solutions

This renovated apartment incorporates some interesting storage concepts for a cleaner, brighter space.

Small apartment in heritage building is modernized with extra loft

Lots of efficient small-space design ideas here to help maximize this 312-square-foot apartment.

Micro-apartment redesigned like a ‘toolbox’ in heritage building (Video)

This beautiful renovation project remakes an old Art Deco apartment in Melbourne.

Micro-apartment has stairs you can sit, store things in & sleep on (Video)

This small space renovation turns a cramped space into one that has space for almost everything.

Cats can perch and play in this cat-sized glass and wood structure

This apartment has its own striking, modern-styled cat house within a house.

Victorian church readapted as vibrant coworking space & future home

This old church has been remade as a professional coworking space, with the possibility of converting into a home in the future.

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Architect Mahmood Fallahian

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