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Stacked multifunctional beds enlarge these 269 sq. ft. micro-apartments

Though small, these tiny apartments have been designed to have all the basics of comfort.

Old bank converted into hip new hostel in Finland

This modern, Scandinavian take on the hostel includes private rooms and a jacuzzi in the old vault.

Arched basement coworking space offers inspiring ‘rain of light’

An old basement is transformed into a beautiful new shared multipurpose space for working, learning and leisure.

Multi-tiered micro-apartment comes with a rolling staircase

This apartment's new design unifies the small space with a simple palette of materials over three levels.

This clever redesign fits a ‘mini-house’ in a small apartment

These architects created house-like feeling in this apartment unit by knocking some walls down, and adding some hidden features.

Industrial warehouse converted into open workplace with no private offices

An old warehouse is transformed into a three-level open office with lots of shared spaces for a tech company in Vancouver.

538 sq. ft. attic apartment renovated with industrial materials & cinematic flair

This revamp of an 1830s apartment mixes modern materials to create a modern space.

London chapel converted into artist’s contemporary live-work studio

A former chapel has been turned into a space that combines living and working.

Victorian house converted into 193 sq. ft. micro-apartments

This old Victorian-era house has been transformed into over a dozen micro-apartments in London, England.

Little 376 sq. ft. apartment in old city center is transformed

An old apartment is converted into a new, personalized living space for a young couple.

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Architect Mahmood Fallahian

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