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Compact 497 sq. ft. apartment redesigned with open partitions

These custom-made room dividers increase functionality and help keep this small apartment feel more private.

Stair of the week is a shifting workspace with alternating treads

These multi-talented stairs do more than one thing in this apartment renovation in Brooklyn.

Modern loft is part of family’s multigenerational living scheme

This renovated unit is allowing three generations of one family to live right beside each other.

Coworking-inspired school gets kids to learn through interactive play

Created by BIG and WeWork, this open-plan school in NYC offers another model for education.

Experimental office space uses biophilic design to create a ‘living lab’

Humanity's innate love for nature is integrated into this design for a biologically attuned and meditative workspace in London.

312 sq. ft. micro-apartment is a ‘hotel-home hybrid’ (Video)

An existing 1960s studio apartment in Melbourne has been transformed into a more efficient one-bedroom apartment.

Imaginative kids’ bedroom features space-saving, cave-like bunk bed

Reminiscent of a bear's cozy cave, this bedroom for children maximizes the small space in a playful way.

Small 420 sq. ft. apartment gets multifunctional redesign

Multifunctional zones and a sleeping loft enlarge this small apartment in Taipei.

Ingenious micro-apartment renovation includes a ‘disappearing kitchen’ (Video)

Plenty of clever spatial overlaps and multifunctional pieces of transformer furniture in this renovation of a 376-square-foot apartment in Melbourne.

Centuries-old distillery converted into multipurpose co-working space

It comes with a tiny bar, housed in the distillery's old elevator.

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Architect Mahmood Fallahian

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