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5 best uses of colour in Night Fever 5

With Frame’s hospitality design series, Night Fever , about to embark on its sixth global tour, we look back at five hypersaturated interiors from the previous edition.

Moment Factory and Changi Airport reimagine transitional travel spaces

Trompe l'oeil is translated into digital storytelling at Changi Airport, as Moment Factory responds to the shifting landscape of retail and travel with engaging experiences and moments of surprise.

Future Mobility: Takt Project elevates the travel experience

Five designers and creators present their ideas for the vehicle of the future: Takt Project’s height-adjustable car offers new perspectives and experiences.

Views on the future of design from Milan Design Week

Leading designers and creatives share their perspectives on how the design of tomorrow will evolve to better serve people and the planet.

How design is responding to wellness trends

Rising consumer demand for health-focused services means that the design infrastructure must adapt accordingly, as demonstrated by Space Popular for Infinity Spa.

Hospitality design makes emotional expression supreme

Monoloko Design employs the Suprematist principles of 20th-century artist Kazimir Malevich in the spatial design of the Galaxy Bar and Bottle Shop.

A Day With: Christopher Jenner

Happier with a spreadsheet than a 3D modelling program, Christopher Jenner has a distinctly hands-on approach to running his business.

In a bold move, Wang & Söderström challenges luxury for Selfridges

For Selfridges’ Radical Luxury window display series, Wang & Söderström considers the concept of time through the studio’s signature study and manipulation of form.

Awarding design on a global stage

The winners of the A’ Design Award and Competition come from designers and companies around the world, across all design disciplines.

Future Mobility: To Vera de Pont, pedestrians are walking generators

Five designers and creators present their ideas for the vehicle of the future: approaching the body as a mode of transport, Vera de Pont contemplates smart shoes for pedestrians.

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Architect Mahmood Fallahian

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