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The seat that defined Prada Men’s 2019 Spring/Summer Show

An inflatable transparent cube defines Cartesian Space, AMO’s latest set design for Prada Men’s 2019 Spring/Summer Fashion Show.

Amelie Goldfuss curbs smartphone addiction with hamster-like cyborgs

Five designers answer the Frame 119 Challenge with designs to de-stress: Amelie Goldfuss presents a pet-like device in need of rest to the smartphone-addicted.

Alain Gilles reimagines retail for Oxfam

Designer Alain Gilles aims for paradigm shift with his Oxfam pop-up store in Belgium.

Wow Inc. uses technology to reconstruct intangible natural experiences

Wow Inc. experiments with true and perceived reality in Render, the Japanese experiential creative studio’s latest new-media installation.

Studio Modijefsky draws on context for a genre-agnostic interior

Attached to The Student Hotel, restaurant The Commons is designed for functional fluidity and the changing nature of work and travel.

Showing Versace: ‘designs must be neither invisible nor invasive’

With the restyling of Versace’s 5th Avenue store, the Italian fashion house looks to its compatriots at EC Studio to display the luxury accessories in the best light.

Why grey concrete is David Chipperfield’s contribution to physical retail

In today’s fast-paced world of flexible design, David Chipperfield makes online retailer Ssense commit to concrete and stainless steel.

Inside BIG’s Lego House

BIG’s Lego House translates the language of Lego bricks to full scale building.

Colour octa-gone: Liz West’s 3D pointillism is hiding something

Where’s the rainbow, Liz West? The artist known for her work with light and colour creates a site-specific installation with an optical illusion that invites exchange.

Allison Crank’s VR Cheshire cat guides the stressed-out to dreamland

Five designers answer the Frame 119 Challenge with designs to de-stress: Allison Crank turns VR into virtual recovery.

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