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A spaceship grounds itself on Amsterdam´s high-end shopping street

Shoebaloo’s futuristic interior has been renovated into a space of golden luxury. What does it forecast for Amsterdam’s high-end retail market?

A Montessori kindergarten in China applies the child scale everywhere

At the IBOBI, a kindergarten in a Shenzhen international community, VMDPE displayed the results of a detailed process of scale exploration. 

Five installations to experience at the London Design Biennale

From an object that responds positively to human disobedience to disobedient objects that respond negatively to humans, here are five Emotional States to experience. 

In London, is the co-working space the new nightclub?

Squire and Partners designs a co-working space for legendary nightlife brand Ministry of Sound that challenges the line between work and leisure.

Homegrown design is leading the way in Russia’s new hip city

After receiving international attention for its World Cup infrastructure, Rostov-on-Don is showing that design is driving the future of the city.

New book alert: Legacy brings together generations of creatives in dialogue

In our newest book, available on pre-sale now, Lukas Feireiss pairs up creators, connectors and thinkers to discuss the matter of creative legacy.

A grand bookstore pays tribute to one of China’s great ancient capitals

The city that erected an army of terracotta might know a thing or two about grand visual statements. Case in point: the White Comedy Zhongshu Bookstore. 

This Japanese ‘shaire’ salon mixes co-working with hair styling

What can the hair salon industry learn from co-working spaces? Go Today, a new sharing concept in the competitive Tokyo market, has a good answer. 

Design plays a key role in the blooming business of flower shops

Flowers are no longer just decoration – they’re now a key part of the more sensorial retail experience, from China to Denmark.

Why an experience center in Frankfurt puts its walls to work

From Post-its to whiteboard-paneled rooms, the PWC Experience Center is an exploration into how a space can encourage collaboration and creation.

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