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You tend to pay less for Indian food – can design change your mind?

English design agency Block1 works with budding restauranteurs to create a space that asks you to reimagine what you think an Indian restaurant can look like.

With Working Spaces, Pedrali showcases five new products at Orgatec

At this year’s Orgatec trade fair, Pedrali is premiering a set of five new products that define the company’s vision for the modern office. 

Daan Roosegaarde wants to take recycling to outer space

Studio Roosegaarde’s Space Waste Lab project aims to do something about the 8 million kilos of waste circling Earth.

Frame Awards jury member Humberto Campana thinks beyond sustainability

How important are democratic prices and political sustainability? On the eve of the Frame Awards deadline, we spoke with Humberto Campana about these matters. 

When the mission is to make the outdoors a year-round attraction

Italian outdoor living designers extend lifestyle from the inside out with a new covering structure.

The visitor souvenir at Amsterdam’s new Fashion for Good museum? An action plan

Local Projects’ Jake Barton explains how the institution’s interactive experience can help promote behavioural change in consumers.

For Vescom, teamwork is at the heart of opening up to the North American market

Vescom’s entry into the American and Canadian markets capitalises its success on attentive relationships with professional clients in local markets.

Can hotels surprise us even when we can see everything in advance online?

Leaning on both the hyper focus of genius loci and a bird’s-eye view of its audience, the new Room Mate Hotel in Rotterdam does mid-market hospitality well. 

Gibam Composit helps store owners with the challenges of today’s retail landscape

With the modular shopfitting and furniture solutions offered by Gibam Composit, physical retailers can continue to engage and surprise. 

Didier Faustino infuses the XYZ Lounge with an air of sensuality

Designed to encourage dialogue and discussion on a wide range of subjects, the XYZ can be seen as a kind of contemporary literary salon.

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Architect Mahmood Fallahian

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