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For German furniture brand Freifrau, ‘feminine’ and ‘daring’ go together

As a relative newcomer to Germany’s furniture sector, Freifrau makes femininity its point of difference. 

Oliver Heath uses biophilic design to improve workspaces

Brighton-based Oliver Heath explains the link between biophilic design and workplace wellness.

Nature Knows Best, Oliver Heath on Biophilic Design

Brighton-based Oliver Heath explains the link between biophilic design and workplace wellness.

In Melbourne, terrace house King Bill gives back to the community

A residential renovation by Austin Maynard Architects focused on sharing its garden spaces with the neighbours.

Tradition meets normcore in Schemata Architects’ newest mixed space

The making of a residence and workspace designed by Schemata Architects engages the building’s history while introducing normcore.

Masquespacio finds inspiration in Barcelona for the newest Student Hotel

The Student Hotel, Marina Campus in Barcelona, designed by Masquespacio, is an eclectic wonderland that influences interconnectivity.

Why nautical knowledge is important for outdoor living

The charming seventh-storey terrace ‘Settimo Piano’ in Lungomare Hotel is enhanced with sea-inspired, outdoor living design solutions by Corradi.

Linehouse brings Canadian calm to Shibuya

Taking inspiration from Vancouver´s diverse urban landscape, Linehouse designs a strong retail identity for a Herschel flagship.

Studio Drift takes biomimicry to the runway

For Iris van Herpen’s 2019 Couture runway presentation, Studio Drift was invited to design a site-specific installation inspired by the strengthening relations between nature and technology.

IED Barcelona presents the macrotrends of the future in Fifteen of Fifty Book

IED Barcelona is celebrating 15 years of design education by forecasting the next 15 years of the discipline and the problems it will be solving.

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