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Arch Studio gives a literal twist to a traditional Chinese typology

Reinterpretating the siheyuan , Arch Studio uses a meandering walkway to disrupt the hierarchy and formality of the Qing dynasty courtyard house.

Matteo Cibic creates a ceramic wonderland for the Marazzi Tile Club

Transcending the two-dimensionality of tiles, designer Matteo Cibic curates with Studio Blanco a unique hospitality experience for Milan Design Week.

Coordination Asia’s use of light transforms the digital landscape into reality

Coordination Asia and Tobias Gremmler use the movement and performance of football to create a digital reality for Nike and guest of honour Cristiano Ronaldo.

Aberrant adds colour and flexibility to a British school

Kit-of-parts furniture and vibrant fabrics that serve as interior architecture empower the pupils and teachers of the Rosemary Works School to shape their own environment.

Making moves: Muuto’s new perspective

What does Muuto’s purchase by US-based Knoll mean for a company that adheres strictly to its Scandinavian roots?

Mur Mur Lab transforms a workspace into an urban landscape

Inspired by the layout of well-designed cities, Mur Mur Lab brings streets and path lighting into the workplace.  

Future Mobility: JinSik Kim’s Aluminium Foam

Five designers and creators present their ideas for the vehicle of the future: JinSik Kim contributes aluminium foam.

The city hotels of the future takes millennial connectivity to new places

Studio Modijefsky’s design for CityHub reveals that the future of travel is less about the space and more about facilitating experience of the local context.

Dai Pu’s radical topography is a chance to rethink megastructures

The small 2 Cups bar becomes a springboard for architectural equality, uniting the efficiency of the high-rise with the extroversion of street-level floors.

The pioneer behind One Plus Partnership’s latest dynamic cinema design

The Frame Award-winning studio One Plus Partnership reinforces its mastery of the cinema genre once again with its spatial interpretation of the camera obscura .

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