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Everyone is falling head over sneakers in Antwerp

Barde + vanVoltt design a sneaker store in Antwerp that meets the increasingly sophisticated tastes of the Millennial market. 

Andreas Piedfort wants shops with no physical goods

In Andreas Piedfort’s pixel-friendly physical retail concept for our Frame 123 challenge, your favourite shops come to you, and not the other way around. 

For fitness studios, what’s a signature workout without a signature colour?

In western Portugal, a new gym designed by Estudio Amatam finds a colourful way to communicate with its tribe. 

In this Danish house, the rooms transform when the kids come to visit

The accordion features in the Brought Together House make room for stepchildren every other week –and turn into adult-friendly spaces when they’re gone.

At Chefslab, HFE Architects designs a stage fit for a foodie

Héctor Fernández Elorza Architects creates a space designed for the experience of cooking.

Display company EC Studio shows some precious accessories: their own

The Milan showroom of accessories display company EC Studio is a direct translation of the features that make their own products outstanding

Yusuke Seki gives voice to a building’s previous life

Yusuke Seki’s café interior in Kobe continues the building’s architectural evolution.

Want some ghosts with that coffee? A new Japanese café lets the past out

Yusuke Seki’s café interior in Kobe continues the building’s architectural evolution.

Five best uses of material in Powershop 5

Studios and ateliers, take notice: the next edition of Frame Publisher’s retail design bible, Powershop 6 , is open for submissions.

GranitiFiandre hits the floor for Alfa Romeo

GranitiFiandre and Camerana&Partners join forces in the pursuit of longevity in a historical restoration project for the Alfa Romeo Museum

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Architect Mahmood Fallahian

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