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In a bold move, Wang & Söderström challenges luxury for Selfridges

For Selfridges’ Radical Luxury window display series, Wang & Söderström considers the concept of time through the studio’s signature study and manipulation of form.

Awarding design on a global stage

The winners of the A’ Design Award and Competition come from designers and companies around the world, across all design disciplines.

Future Mobility: To Vera de Pont, pedestrians are walking generators

Five designers and creators present their ideas for the vehicle of the future: approaching the body as a mode of transport, Vera de Pont contemplates smart shoes for pedestrians.

TANK’s integrated sustainable hospitality concept

TANK architectural studio uses biomimetics to inform the design of the newly created QO Hotel.

Studiopepe interprets the colour and form of contemporary femininity

Italian design consultancy Studiopepe transforms the interior of the Alysi boutique into a voyage led by shape and palette.

OMA’s human-centric articulation of the levels of learning

The national library designed by OMA invites visitors into a light-filled space in honour of education and research.

Technology is rewriting the rules of engagement, and not in the way you’d think

To an increasing degree, museums, exhibitions and cultural events are using immersive technologies to draw visitors into highly engaging experiences.

Foolscap’s material exploration of landscape and architectural identity

Like mountain ranges and architecture, the interior design of Highroad is composed of layers: with sculptural forms and an organic colour palette.

The future of sustainable design is in the sum of its parts

Iberital’s focus on intentional design earns the intuitive VISION espresso machine an award for sustainability in design.

Guillermo Santomà reveals the power of the invisible

The internet of things leads the experience in Guillermo Santomà’s installation integrated with the Simon iO connectivity system.  

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Architect Mahmood Fallahian

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