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۲۰۱۳ Holland Prize Winner Announced

A drawing of a 19th-century bridge in Connecticut by New York architect Morgen Fleisig is the 2013 Holland Prize winner, the Library of Congress and National Park Service announced.

Community Forum Questions Crop of Tall Buildings Around Central Park

A public discussion raised concerns about apartment towers rising around the famed New York City green space.

Exhibition Review: François Halard

A photographer best known for shooting fashionable interiors takes a sidelong glance at architecture.

Johnston Marklee Designs New Buildings for The Menil Collection

Museum to add a $40-million Drawing Institute and an energy-efficient power plant to its Houston campus.

Letter from Rochester: Attempting a Reboot

Sibley's, Rochester, New York, The Architectural TeamThe renovation and adaptive reuse of a historic department store building is just one of many projects that are a collective attempt to revitalize the upstate New York city.

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Architect Mahmood Fallahian

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